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Cell-PLoc: a package of web-servers for predicting subcellular localization of proteins in different organisms. MemBrain: Improving the Accuracy of Predicting Transmembrane Helices.
Signal-3L: a 3-layer approach for predicting signal peptides. QuatIdent: identifying the quaternary structural attribute of a protein chain based on its sequence.
HIVcleave: Predicting HIV protease cleavage sites in proteins. Signal-CF: an automated 2-layer predictor for predicting signal peptide sequences and their cleavage sites in eukaryotic and bacterial protein sequences.
Nuc-PLoc: a new web-server for predicting protein subnuclear localization by fusing PseAA and PsePSSM. PFP-Pred: an on-line server for predicting protein fold types.
PseAAC: an on-line server for computing pseudo amino acid compositions of protein sequences. EzyPred: a top-down approach for predicting enzyme functional classes and sub-classes.
ProtIdent: identifying proteases and their types by fusing functional domain and sequential evolution information. MemType-2L: a web server for predicting membrane proteins and their types by incorporating evolution information.
PFP-FunDSeqE: Predicting protein fold pattern with functional domain and sequential evolution information. PredBF: Robust prediction of B-factor profile from sequence using two-stage SVR based on random forest feature selection.
Pred-PFR: Prediction of protein folding rates from primary sequence by fusing multiple sequential features. Cell-PLoc 2.0: a package of web-servers for predicting subcellular localization of proteins in different organisms.
LR_PPI: large-scale prediction of human protein-protein interaction from amino acid sequence based on latent topic feature. Cascleave: towards more accurate prediction of caspase substrate cleavage sites.
SOMPNN: an efficient non-parametric model for predicting transmembrane helices. PredCSF: an integrated feature-based approach for predicting conotoxin superfamily.
SOMRuler: a novel human-readable interpretable transmembrane helices predictor. LnSignal: Predicting protein N-terminal signal peptides using position-specific amino acid propensities and conditional random fields.
GFO: a data driven approach for optimizing Gaussian function based similarity metric in computational biology. TargetATP: A Knowledge based Java Web Start Application for Predicting Protein-ATP Binding Sites.
TargetATPsite: A template-free method for ATP binding sites prediction with residue evolution image sparse representation and classifier ensemble.