MemBrain: Transmembrane protein structure prediction
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Input protein sequence below (Example): 
Prediction function
  α-TMP Topology prediction using deep learning New
                 Transmembrane helix   Amphipathic helix New
  TMH-TMH residue contact prediction 
  TMH prediction
  Rasa prediction  
N-terminal signal peptide prediction
 I know there is NO N-terminal signal peptide (?)
 I do NOT know whether there is signal peptide in the N-terminal or not (?)
 Human  Plant  Animal
 Other-Eukaryotic  Gram-positive  Gram-negative
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     New: MemBrain 3.1 has been released, which includes the function of amphipathic helix prediction
     New: MemBrain 3.0 predicts the topology of α-TMP through helix-tail modeling and multi-scale deep learning fusion

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