Euk-mPLoc 2.0: Predicting subcellular localization of eukaryotic proteins including those with multiple sites
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Input the eukaryotic protein sequence in Fasta format (Example): 

Kuo-Chen Chou and Hong-Bin Shen, A New Method for Predicting the Subcellular Localization of Eukaryotic Proteins with Both Single and Multiple Sites: Euk-mPLoc 2.0, PLoS ONE, 2010, 5: e9931

Kuo-Chen Chou and Hong-Bin Shen, "Cell-PLoc: A package of web-servers for predicting subcellular localization of proteins in various organisms", Nature Protocols, 2008, 3, 153-162.

Kuo-Chen Chou and Hong-Bin Shen, "Euk-mPLoc: A fusion classifier for large-scale eukaryotic protein subcellular location prediction by incorporating multiple sites", J Proteome Res, 2007, 6, 1728 -1734.

If your protein is predicted as Nucleus localization and you want to know its targeting signal, please use our INSP (Identification Nucleus Signal Peptide) prediction software at:

Euk-mPLoc server has been updated to 2.0 version, for the 1.0 version, access
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