Download predicted results
For public convenience, Plant-PLoc has been used to predict all plant protein entries (except those annotated with "fragment" or those with less than 50 amino acids) in Swiss-Prot database that have no subcellular location annotations or are annotated with uncertain terms such as "probable", "potential", "likely", or "by similarity". The large-scale predicted results, which contain 7,397 plant proteins in the current version, have been deposited in a downloadable file prepared with Microsoft Excel format and PDF format, respectively. Click Tab_Plant-PLoc.xls to download the former; click Tab_Plant-PLoc.pdf to open the latter.

Furthermore, according to the difference in species, the above results are classified into the following 16 groups: (1) Arabidopsis; (2) Barley; (3) Chlamydomonas; (4) Liverwort; (5) Maize; (6) Mesostigma; (7) Pea; (8) Potato; (9) Rape; (10) Rice; (11) Soybean; (12) Spinach; (13) Tobacco; (14) Tomato; (15) Wheat; and (16) Others. To download the results thus categorized, click Tab_Plant-PLoc_category.xls.