Application scope: The predictor covers the following 9 subnuclear locations: (1) chromatin, (2) heterochromatin, (3) nuclear envelope, (4) nuclear matrix, (5) nuclear pore complex, (6) nuclear speckle, (7) nucleolus, (8) nucleoplasm, (9) nuclear PML body (See the Fig.1 below). If the query protein is known not a nucleus protein or not one of the above 9 locations, please stop prediction because the result obtained will not make any sense. Nuc-PLoc is featured by combining the protein evolution information and sequence features (pseudo amino acid composition) and Fig.2 below illustrates the flowchart of Nuc-PLoc.
Fig.1 Schematic drawing to show the nine subnuclear locations
Fig.2 A flowchart to show the process of Nuc-PLoc